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Forest land

Agricultural land

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The Comptoir Foncier, real estate company, specializes in brokerage,management and expertise of properties with prestige and charm, and also rural property (forest land, agricultural land).

Our portfolio of properties is regularly made up of big properties (castles, manors and mansions),crop lands or pastures (free or occupied through a farm lease), forests or lands for construction (before or after development).

Each year, our activity manage hundreds of hectares.
It extends throughout Belgium and France.

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Latest properties

Très beau terrain zone habitat


Area of the land: 3 389 m2

Price : 75 000 €

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Très beau terrain à bâtir


Area of the land: 1 494 m2

Price : 100 000 €

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Ensemble immobilier exceptionnel


Area of the land: 5 054 m2
Habitable floor area: 952 m2
Number of bedrooms: 31

Price : 1 785 000 €

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